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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slipper Sybarite is here!

Slipper is here!
I have finally acquired my one and only 'holy grail' of dolls...a 2009 Paris Musee Sybarite exclusive Slipper. Slipper was one of the event dolls that Superfrock gives out at its exclusive events held in either Paris or London. Slipper was the event doll for 2009 at the Paris Museum owned by Sammy Odin, and Superfrock designed her. One of the members on the Prego doll boards was selling part of her fantastic Sybarite collection, and she was willing to allow me to make payments.
My good friend, Susan Sirkis, has a Slipper, she actually got to attend the event, & when she brought Slipper to the shop I fell in love. One of the things I could never understand is why Sybarite collectors were so over the top about these dolls, and I have to say I understand now why--- there is a beauty about the facial sculpts, the bodies, the clothes, that puts them on the level of the French Fashion pandores- the doll mannequins sent to other countries in the early 17th centuries with the fashions and details intricately miniaturized.
Slipper is a wonderful doll, and is probably going to be one of my favorites in my collection- I love shoes, and also belong to a dance unit called the Ladyslipper dance unit- a line dancing group I belong to and one of our emblems is a high heeled slipper mule. She has already laid claim to the customized swan vanity and the diamond necklace from the Metrodolls dress set I have...lol
Enjoy the pictures!