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Monday, May 9, 2011

Felicity feeds the chickens....

                                                          Random photo of the day: Gracie blogs in the tree!
                                                    Random Link of the day: Meet Marigold Finch!

As I stated before in a previous post, I will be doing a random photo and a random link from the blog, please let me know how you like it. I believe for those stumbling across the blog this will encourage you to explore the posts and see the history behind the Residents of Pumpkin Hill, the dolls and their lives here in the 'Patch.

Every morning, before beginning lessons at the Academy with Miss Ashton, all of the girls have their chores to do. Felicity's chore is feeding the chickens. This morning Felicity could only find one chick, which she thought was unusual. She had the feed pail with her full of chicken feed, but no chickens!
'Oh well, I will just feed this one, the others will flock here soon.' she thought, and began to scatter feed for the one lone chick. She didn't think anything of it , as the mother chick will sometimes hide in the wheat field.

Felicity finished feeding the chick who was quite greedy and gobbled up the feed she scattered, and then went to the kitchen. Miss Ashton was baking early in the morning, so lessons would begin when the girls had eaten their breakfast. Felicity hurried, as she was feeling quite hungry.

Felicity came in running...'Oh Miss Ashton, I couldn't find all of the chickens, so I just..........' she stopped at the smell of warm, apple pie on the table......'.....you baked PIE!' Becky was squealing beside Miss Ashton. This was indeed a treat, as it was breakfast, and Miss Ashton told them the pie must cool, but they could have a slice for a snack later.

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