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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Doll Filled Day at Pumpkin Hill............

*Note to Reader: Gracie will be moderating and writing the events on the blog today. Enjoy her advetures & story!*

Gracie is busily typing....(sound of keys on keyboard, rapidly typing...)
"Oh hi there! You started me. Yes, I'm up the tree. It's a beautiful day and I needed quiet. Dottie would not leave me alone in the schoolroom! And I have so much in the 'Patch to tell about today....I haven't recorded things as I should on the blog.'
Hops down from the tree,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gracie motions..'C'mon, let's go into the house...you can help me carry my laptop up the steps.'
So sayng, we start walking towards the steps into the house....


Carefully Gracie climbs up the steps, placing her laptop nearby, and slinging her back with Mr. Socks in it over her shoulder, making the difficult ascent up the steps. "I'm sooooooo glad I wore sneakers today! Those Mary Janes would have hurt my feet!'she exclaims.

Carefully making sure Mr. Socks is in her lap, and Dottie is  pre occupied with homework Miss Ashton has given, Gracie begins to type and tell her story, settled at her schooldesk.............

(Types Gracie.......)

The day started out nice enough..........Becky was up early as usual, and found Miss Ashton in the kitchen in the early morning! making pie!
No, I don't get up that early.........but (sigh) Becky does..............

Becky squealed. 'Miss Ashton! You made my favorite- APPLE PIE!' Becky shouted, so glad. Miss Ashton simply smiled calmly at Becky's excitement. 'WHY are you baking so early????"
"Why, I had some time this morning while you sleepy heads were sleeping...and besides, this morning is Saturday. My dearest friend Penelope sent me a new recipe". Miss Ashton placed the pie on the table to cool...

Becky smelled the spicey apple goodness, the pie was still warm from the oven. "Miss Ashton, can I have a slice of that cake for Breakfast?' she asked shyly..Miss Ashton's smile faded. "You most certainly may NOT. Why Rebecca , you know cake is not good for you -- and it certainly is not breakfast food!" (darn Becky thought...well, she IS baking PIE in the morning..........)

(Gracie typing..continues the story....) Meanwhile, at Strawberry Hill Manor, home of the tinies......more residents have arrived........

Two new tiny bjd's had arrived just in time for Miss Lisa's birthday, which was on May 1st. Dixie, Maizie, and Minuette Mouse had made preparations for them both. Leekeworld Rainy, and Realpuki Soso (Wren, who was to be Marigold Finch's Assistant with Finch Express) had been settling in and getting used to the 'Patch. Today they got reacquainted in the dollhouse. One of the problems for the tinies is having enough places to sleep, Wren had a small bed in the spare room, until her home she would share with Marigold was finished. Minuette had a small bed in the other attic room, but there was nowhere for the new guest from Leekeworld to stay. So Miss Lisa decided she would stay in the big house- Maison de la Royale- the The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse . Sleeping arrangements settled, Dixie and Maizie asked the new inhabitants of the 'Patch how they liked it.
'it's quite wonderful' Wren garbled, and ' such a large nest in the upper bedroom!' Marigold glowed with pride , and her feathers ruffled a bit. 'You are quite welcome! That is my nest but it is quite large. You are welcome to share it!' Thank you!' Giggled Wren...
Dixie asked the other guest how she was fitting in. The poor doll looked a little bewildered.'It is so pleasant here, and Minuette has made me feel so welcome..' Minuette beamed.
'You are welcome, but we haven't properly introduced you, and I know flying in on fairy dust is so hard, especially in the spring. The pollen is quite polluting the air so fairy dust takes longer to materialize...." said Minuette, sagely shaking her head. 'Everyone, please meet April Mae'..
'Wonderful to meet you!' Dixie said ' It is so nice to have another tiny here. Miss Lisa has talked all about you!' said Maizie........

Minuette walked towards the parlor door. 'why don't we all go downstairs and have some refreshments?' and she led the way, with the others following.

And with that, they all retired to the dining room, with pets included, and had strawberries, tea, and lemonade. Marigold sat on the back of Wren's chair, and everyone beamed.

Gracie types faster now.......

Sorry folks, but here I end for the day...it is time for supper, and I am enjoying my perch in the tree...and I will tell more about my day tomorrow!


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