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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Annabelle continued....

Annabelle , my French fashion reproduction doll hasn't received alot of love lately. So today I decided to experiment with photos in attempting to continue a project put to the side a year or so ago- recreating a story with a doll telling the story about her magical doll world with photos instead of illustrations. My inspiration was A is for Annabelle a story using illustrations of a doll and her accessories by Tasha Tudor. 

I wanted to expand more on this theme. Haven't you ever wondered when you were a child if the dolls continued playing after you left the room and had to go to school or out? I did...continually. I would as a child set up tea parties with my dolls for them to enjoy while I was away at the drudgery of school and rush home eagerly, hoping to catch them where they were not as I had left them. I imagined all sorts of fun the dolls had while I was away at school during the day, and liked to write my own stories about what the dolls did sometimes. I suppose that is where the attention to detail came from, and if one item was out of place, I convinced myself they had all sorts of fun while I wasn't there. I still like to think of this sometimes, and it fits into my storyline I am attempting.
Here are some more test photos, hope you like them.

Photo credits:
doll is a French fashion doll reproduction by Sylvia Butler of Tarheel Creations out of NOrth Carolina
table- Bespaq
unknown- vintage chair, teaset, flower arrangement
portrait- Williamsburg souvenir shop
Annabelle's dress- purchased this at a doll show, cannot remember the ladies' name though I buy from her on a regular basis.

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  1. Your Annabelle is gorgeous. There is an A is for Annabelle doll on this month's cover of UFDC's Doll News magazine. I want to get a copy of the Tasha Tudor book, and hopefully an Annabelle doll someday too. I really enjoyed your awesome pictures of your Annabelle!


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