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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Ashton- you're here!

Becky was surprised when she saw Miss Ashton in the kitchen.
"Miss Ashton- you're back! When did you get back?? The others don't know you're here!" Becky said excitedly.
Miss Ashton put down the colander and hugged Becky. "I'm so glad to see you as well! It's supposed to be a surprise that I'm back! Give me a hug!"
"Miss Ashton, we have missed you so much!" Becky hugged her teacher. "Me too, darling, me tool" Miss Ashton said, smiling.

"We thought you might not come back....but oh, I'm so glad you did! I have loads of stuff to tell you!" cried Becky
Miss Ashton was surprised at this.

"Now what is this nonsense...me not coming back!!? Who told you such a thing? " Becky looked a little guilty."Oh no one, but you were gone so long....and, and we know how much you love to travel so, and see your friends. We thought you might like being there more than here..." Becky had a trembling lip as she stuttered this.

Miss Ashton smiled, and choked back a tear herself. " NONSENSE!" she exclaimed. "Becky Bailey, you & the other young ladies are my family...and so is the academy. And you're my friends as well!  I had a nice little trip it is true, but I missed you all! And I understand one of the new girls is here as well...have you made her comfortable and welcome??"
"Why yes, Dottie is nice. But she won't go without that sock monkey ANYWHERE..." Becky rolled her eyes.
"Well, nevermind about that....aren't you going to ask me what's in my basket I brought in?"

Becky was all curious. " What is in it?? "  Miss Ashton smiled. " Guess." Becky thought a minute. "Cookies!" "No, not cookies"  Becky thought again....." Eggs??" Miss Ashton laughed, " No, ....but you are very very close!"

" Can I peep inside...before the other girls get here? " Becky asked.
"Of course dear....but don't tell! This will be our impromptu lesson ...a fun lesson.."said Miss Ashton

Stay tuned to see more of Miss Ashton's surprise in another episode of Pumpkin Hill. To learn more about Miss Ashton, be sure to click on our labels to the right of the blog page called Residents of Pumpkin Hill.
(Miss Ashton is a 23 inch 2001 My Twinn doll, that has had alot of TLC.Dress and pinafore were by Ebay seller Dollandbabytreasures . (highly recommend, this item was shipped quickly to make this post possible ahead of schedule)



  1. Hi Lisa,

    Are you a fan of the book/TV show, "Christy"? Your Miss Ashton doll reminds me of Christy. :)

    I've loved the idea of using MyTwinn dolls as adults for a while now, but I've not yet purchased my own. I feel like one would be such a perfect addition to my own doll school.

    This mini photostory is so sweet! Since I bonded with my teachers much more than fellow classmates when I was in elementary/middle school, I can really relate to Becky.

    I also love the kitchen setup!


  2. Thank you Laura for your kind comments! I myself got the idea from the American Girl playthings forum & ourdolls.net for using the My Twinn doll as an adult. They looked so natural together, and even with the bjd's. I have never watched Christy, but have heard of the show.

    I worked on more pictures for more on the photo story , and hope to have others, leading up for Easter. It has been fun combining the different dolls to make up a school, and give a little insight into their life with Miss Ashton. I too am considering other my twinn dolls to be more adults in the academy.



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