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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New pics of the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse..Lucia reporting...

Hi Everyone. Yesterday I took some new picsof the One Sixth Scale dollhouse with my new phone, and they are great! Lucia, the indollhouse administrative assistant to the Baroness, or Agnes, has decided to take over reporting on the dollhouse for this posting...lol....

Hello Everyone, and glad to be taking over writing on this blog entry for Lisa. My name is Lucia, & I am the administrative assistant for the Baroness, Agnes. I oversee the day to day duties of the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse, so I thought I would give Lisa a break. She just acquired a new cell phone which has a much better camera than her actual camera! Here I am at work with my laptop in my home office.

Keeping the blog updated plus all of the administrative duties is alot of work, 24/7!But let's get onto the new pictureso f the dollhouse, which are much better than the old ones. The dollhouse is still residing in the window of Lisa's shop, King William Miniatures. We have had so many people enjoy the dollhouse, they are simply amazed that fashion dolls could live such a luxurious life...and why not? we were the first ones to acuiqre miniature cars, wardrobes, homes, you name it. That reminds me, I need to order the paint to paint our garage...Ken & the other men in the manor have been bugging me they have no man cave...

I hope you have enjoyed the new sharper images of the dollhouse. Not only that, but yesterday one of the arrangements was to bring home the Mt.Vernon replica home from its display spot in the library of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, where we were assured it was a hit! Though the shop is closing at the end of January, Lisa is very glad her collection & work has brought so much happiness to everyone at the holidays.
~More coming soon on the one sixth scale dollhouse when it moves to its new home at Lisa & Chris' doll room. ~Lucia

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