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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Annabelle's new wig and other goodies...

Annabelle got her new wig and some other goodies as well this weekend. 

The wig is a strawberry blonde versus a honey blonde like it was described and the curls are very all over the place but it makes her endearing. I thought it would match the color in her previous wig that she came with, which is a much fairer blonde and more closely matches the drawings of Annabelle in the book A is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor but it does not. But I do like it and think it makes her adorable looking. 

The croquet mallets with their matching balls are perfect and from Byer's choice off of Ebay. Alot of Byer's choice items , in their accessories are scaled to fit 12 inch or 15 inch french fashion dolls, you just have to pay careful attention to the measurements. I have lusted after the carriage but do not think this would work for her as the carriage is not tall enough, though it is a wonderful prop for her to stand outside of.  I will be getting another pattern to make her croquet outfit with and I know exactly what fabric I will be using, just need to find the correct hat.

The Gildebrief pattern books I ordered also arrived, and so I am all set to make her simple dresses, especially the one for fall. Annabelle needs a nice fall dress to go walking about the park and having picnics in, as well as going to apple harvests and pumpkin festivals. 

These two magazines have a 2 part article series called " 1 governess and 6 cousins at a picnic" where some ladies used one pattern with different variations of sleeves, belts, pleats and shawls, coats, etc to give a simple dress different looks. I think the plaid dress is just adorable and I have a plaid challis that will be perfect for her fall outfit. So looks like I have some sewing to do!
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