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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marigold & Wren...& in search of fairy dwellings...

Today since the day was so beautiful, I thought some pictures of Wren and Marigold having a day off from the mailroom of Finch Express would be in order. I have been doing alot of thinking of how I would like to use them, and have been doing some sketching , creating, and basically dreaming about my next project. 

It isn't often they get to wonder in the fields and swing on tree branches and have fun! Honestly I wish I were sometimes small enough to enjoy the tree branches with them, lol. The next project I want to do that is part of a much larger one, is finish the pumpkin house I started for Wren a long time ago. I got no farther than cutting the foam pumpkin. Yesterday I cut the back of it out, and cut a cardboard floor in it that will soon be stone. This will be the 'hub' of Finch Express with a Tudor style feel to it. I have alot of ideas to sketch out on this one, so hopefully it will come together with the story soon.
Speaking of Magical places, I have begun to notice I 'look' for them now...places of Wren and Marigold, I like to say. Where a small Hagrid or Hobbitt would come out and greet me and pour me a cup of tea. In my travels, I found these marvelous tree roots growing in an embankment on a country road I sometimes go up as a shortcut. It looks like Arietty, Pod, and Homily just need a shoe to wedge into these roots and they would be comfortable.
Enjoy the pictures!

Enjoy the pictures! ~Lisa

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