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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rebecca Rubin, 1904, AKA Becca2012....

Hi. I'm Rebecca Rubin, 1904...well, that is my historical year. But I am also known as, AKA, Becca2012. Yep. That's my code name.
I'm a time traveler. I'm also a doll........but that doesn't matter. Didn't think dolls time travel? hmph...well, we do. Anytime you stuff me in a Victorian dress or a colonial gown, I'm time traveling...only I'm the real deal...er, doll.
I have many tools I use to time travel, and report on the historical findings. Time is a tricky thing, so my bag is ready to go at a moments notice. I also wear a peculiar looking necklace which is considered 'fashionable' now with all the steampunk about...each number specifies periods of time. When I turn the dial, I go to the four numbers of the year I want to visit, in quick succession...and it's complicated.  All you need to know is I can turn up anywhere, anyplace, ...any time. I belong to something called The Society of Clock-Watchers in Extrodinary Times... and the future, the present, the past are ALL extrodinary! That is why we are a secret society of ..dolls...who travel thru space and time. These are the voyages of Becca2012...and any other doll who wants to come along...
But first I may need a new wardrobe...depending on what year and time I wish to visit next. That is something I am studying quite closely.  I may need a shrink potion and a grow potion. No, this isn't Alice in Wonderland, but Lewis Carroll was onto something. They come in useful when you need to disappear suddenly...
I'm pretty much a normal doll. I like lots of things, like climbing trees, reading, and all sorts of interesting things where I can have an adventure. But most of all, I like to travel.
In the coming weeks my doll mom (the human) will post more about me and the clock-watcher's society...but for now. ..I'm signing off as BECCA 2012...

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