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Friday, October 14, 2011

And now to sleep...

One of the hardest things on re-doing the dollhouse is not the papers, trims, windows, etc. -- it is deciding on furnishings. Another problem- deciding on how many tinies will actually LIVE in the dollhouse. Real estate at the 'Patch is scarce and quite expensive right now....Last night I visited Bell's Exclusives, one of the oldest dollhouse shops in Richmond- Mr & Mrs Bell have been in business since I was a small child of 10 or 12. (er, that's 30+ years....) I purchased the two beds and a small table for Kit's attic bedroom. Kit's bedroom is a project within itself since I am trying to replicate her room in 1:12 scale fromt he catalogs. Biggest thing I am looking for is her bed, which I will probably have to paint green.
I will probably order the kitchen sink, stove, and fridge, along with the windows for the house. I have a nice set of bathroom furniture for the room at the left of the Kit attic bedroom...but have wondered if maybe I shouldn't make that into a small bedroom for Wren (realpuki soso) and Marigold Finch. I will probably redo the linens on the beds as they do not really go with the wallpapers, but are big enough for the tinies. So looks like Dixie may be sharing with Maizie. April Mae is not too happy at sharing a room with Minuette, who is quite independent and I;ve been told she snores loudly for such a small mouse. Enjoy the pics!


  1. What a delightful little mouse :-)

  2. Oh man, I know how that goes. There are more tinies than there are houses here, and the competition can get pretty ferocious when one of the houses is available. Looks like an adorable little house you've got there, though. Your tinies are lucky to have a place to live, even if it includes a roommate who snores. :)


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