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Friday, December 11, 2009

Soulkid Katie A. coming home soon...

Well, it has been long since I posted on this blog- was amazed. But the final payment at Denver Doll has been made today- and w00-hoo! My Soulkid Katie A. is going to hopefully be on her way home....
This poor doll will not have any clothes unless I get hopping. I have bought a pair of sneakers for her, but am going to experiment with Bkc ink kids clothing on her- someone on Den of Angels said this clothing will work, and it will be nice to have something she can wear. I really want to dress her in 18th century clothing, but will have to wait, as Arcadia dolls is not taking orders just yet....
Another thing my Katie needs is a name, I am thinking of keeping Katie as her name as that is how I have come to think of her...maybe Katie Scarlett, like Scarlett from gone with the wind?? I really need to get her some period clothing if possible, to make her look at home with the furniture.
Will post pics of the box opening when she arrives!

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